Fanfic: Lynley and Havers

I’m working on a fanfic that came out of a conversation that I had with Wolfie.  She said that she wanted to write a fic about Lynley and Havers on a date.  A blind date.

I’ve decided to try a variation on this, with Winston setting the two up.  I’m not sure how this will turn out; I have a couple pages done so far.  It has the potential to turn into a smut-fic.  Hard to not turn it into a smut-fic… Those two lend themselves very well to it.

*sigh*  I’m probably awful for having these two jump into bed all the time.  Wishful thinking, perhaps?

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2 thoughts on “Fanfic: Lynley and Havers”

  1. I enjoy reading your stories and I would really like to read a fanfic with this plot(Lynley and Havers on blind date) . I hope you will post soon.

  2. Glad you like it. I’ll be posting more when my work goes on holiday break between Xmas and New Year. I’ll have a week off and I’ll be able to write more. :)


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