Crimson DSLite

I upgraded my DS to the following:

The Crimson and Black DSLite is everything you could want it to be.  I particularly like the matte black finish on the black part of this DSLite.  It doesn’t pick up fingerprints as easily.

I’m exceedingly happy.  I usually don’t buy stuff, but I’ve been thinking about getting a new one with the brighter screens and whatnot.  i like having more choice when it comes to brightness of my screens other than “backlight off” or backlight on”.

It is quite pretty.  I’m happy with it so far.

Oh, and Circuit City had an unadvertised deal… buy the DSLite and get a free (FREE!!!) game case.  So, now I have a game case that holds 6 games.  I opted for the Zelda one (not a huge fan of pink, although it was Princess Peach…).

Anyway… the system wasn’t that bad of a price ($130; I mean, for such a sweet piece of hardware…) and the free game case just made things better.

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