Google Reader vs. Flock Reader

I’ve gone back to G-reader.

Yes, I know, one day usually isn’t enough time to deal with something, but it’s just easier to stick with G-reader right now.  I check my feeds from work using it, and when I get home, I’ll have all of the same feeds waiting for me at my home computer.

So, until Flock integrates G-reader into its browser, I’m sticking with G-reader.  I’ve gotten attached to it, and I also have a ton of feeds in it.  So, yeah.  I’m pretty much stuck.  If Google starts doing anything evil, I’ll have a heckova time trying to switch.  Google’s like crack, I swear.

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9 thoughts on “Google Reader vs. Flock Reader”

  1. Hi Amy,

    Not sure if you are aware of this, but you can go to your Feeds preferences and choose G-Reader as the default feed reader in Flock too. Go to Tools -> Options (if Windows) or Flock -> Preferences (if Mac) and click the Feeds tab. On this tab you can click the radio button to “Subscribe to the feed using:” and then select Google from the list. Now G-reader is your default instead of Flock’s reader.

    Maybe this helps you add feeds when surfing with Flock!


  2. Yep yep.

    I was using that before, but what I meant was that I wanted the flock feeds to sync with the G-reader feeds.

    Now, THAT would be one of the best things ever!


  3. Now I found Google Reader Watcher… it lets me monitor my feeds in Flock! Awesome.


  4. Very cool! I will check Reader Watcher out. Thanks for the tip.

    Sync’ing as you state earlier is a killer feature, and it is something we are looking at very closely… maybe we can sync more than just your feeds… I hope to have some cool news for you soon…


  5. It is a killer idea.

    Are you a dev? If so, do you hang in the #flock and #flock-dev rooms on irc? I usually hang there after work… I try to be in there for a little while each day (sometimes on Ubuntu, sometimes on windows).

    I’m gamerchick02 on there, btw.

    Thanks for the line!


  6. Hi Amy.

    My role at Flock is VP of Engineering. I don’t hop in #flock or #flock-dev very often at all — too many things on the go, and when I jump in IRC I tend to get completely consumed.

    What do you do? Are you interested in Flock development in a particular area? I’d love to hear about your experiences with the #flock gang… there are some really cool guys and gals involved. If you have any insights to share about what we do right and what we do wrong I am all ears!


  7. VP of Engineering, huh? That’s way cool. I didn’t know the “higher ups” trawled the different forums and journals to see what people were saying about Flock.

    Right now I’m a product engineer at Delphi Steering (soon to change names). I’m working on the 2010 Camero steering column. I’ve just been asked to work on a new design for some new business we’re pursuing.

    I don’t have any experience development-wise with a software project. I’m a mechanical engineer, so I didn’t do much programming in school and stuff. But I’m willing to learn as much as I can!

    I’ve been beta-testing the Flock browser since it was 0.4 (I think) and have been using it on-and-off since then on both Windows and Ubuntu. Now, it’s my main browser in both Windows and Ubuntu. I keep Firefox around for emergencies (but on Windows, it’s the beta 3, so I dunno how much help it will be…) but I don’t use it as much as I do Flock.

    I’d like to get Flock into the repos for Ubuntu. I think it would be a good thing to have available. Also, some people who run Ubuntu may be turned off to Flock because they have to do stuff in the terminal (although, I haven’t installed it via terminal the past two times… more on that in a blog post somewhere…). Getting it in the repos may get more people to use it.

    Flock does lots of things right. I like the way the community is open to different ideas and the people at Flock actually LISTEN to what the users have to say. I think that’s why I run Ubuntu, come to think of it. The devs actually care about their product enough to make it better. Also, the community can provide input in the form of advice or in the form of a plugin or API addition.

    The #flock gang is great. I like chatting with them about what’s going on with Flock. It’s fun to have an “inside scoop” about what’s going on with the browser.

    Keep up the good work on Flock!


  8. Hey – I’m a mechanical engineer too. That’s where I started at least… I still really love machine design. I found it hard to get enough interesting work where I live, so other technologies, especially software in recent years, became the focus.

    We are working on packaging for debian and ubuntu at this time, and I think we will be ready to put this forward within a week or two. Of course timing with things like this is somewhat difficult to predict, but I know we are close.

    I really appreciate your comments, and I am so pleased to hear they folks are treating you right. Our community means EVERYTHING to us. As you may have noticed I don’t actually blog on LJ, but if you ever want to reach me and I have overlooked a journal entry, my first name at flock dot com is always a good way to get me.

    Thanks for all your support. Keep the feedback comin’. Flock can only survive because of folks like you, so please accept my heartfelt thanks. Please help us out by converting your top 25,000 friends to Flock too :D

    Do you want a flockstar shirt? Email me with a surface address and t-shirt size and I will send you one!


  9. I’ve been working on some people at work. I’ve gotten them to use Firefox. I know it’s not Flock (yet!) but it’s open source, so it’s a step in the right direction. :)

    The community is awesome. I like being a part of this community and I do as much as I can to promote Flock.

    I’m the community manager for the Flockstars deviantArt group ( Evan Hamilton hooked me up with a shirt and some other awesome swag after I got that going. If you want to send me another shirt, you’re welcome to… :)

    A mechanical engineer, eh? Cool. Where did you study? I’m a Kettering University (formerly GMI) grad. Machine Design was my favorite class. I had an awesome professor for that class (she was my Solids prof, as well as my materials prof) so I learned a lot and had fun.

    Yet another note about Flock in general (before I forget)… I really like the “people” sidebar. I think it’s a really neat idea. I like the way it integrates into the browser, shows updates in real-time, and stays out of the way. That’s the thing about Flock… I can use what I want in the browser and it doesn’t get in my face about any of it. Granted, every time I reinstall (like if I change operating systems or whatnot) I have a lot of configuring with the browser, but that’s normal with any type of new program you install.

    Keep on flockin’!


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