Google Reader vs. Flock Reader: The Showdown

I’m trying a little experiment.

As you all know, I extol the virtues of Flock and of Google Reader.  Now I’m trying to merge the two.

You see, I imported all of my feeds into my Ubuntu copy of Flock.  I like the idea of being able to see new blog posts and stuff when they’re posted (hence the RSS addiction; it’s crack, really!).  Google Reader doesn’t do that, but it allows me to ignore the news until I’m ready to read it (ie, open up a browser window to read my feeds; this is how I get latest blog posts, btw).

Now, I’ll have almost instant notification through Flock if a feed is updated.  I don’t know if it will decrease the performance of Flock in general, but we’ll see.  If it starts reducing performance, I’ll switch back to Google Reader.

I’ll still keep the Google Reader account… I use it at work to read through blogs and whatnot on my lunch hour.  (Gotta still feel connected.)  It’s quite handy when I’m at a different computer than my own (home) PC and I want to check feeds.  The only issue I’ll see is determining what I’ve read and what I haven’t through different feed readers.  G-Reader won’t update what I’ve read in Flock, and vice versa.  Same deal if I use it on the laptop.

We’ll see if this gets irritating.  Like I said, I’ll give it an honest shot, and see how it works out.

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