More Sense from Microsoft on Open Format Standards

“As the world’s leading software company, we weren’t very happy with the treatment meted out to us by ISO,” complains company spokesperson Ican Leek. “ISO is too slow, explicit, and factual. We have several projects in the pipeline that are stalled because ISO likes to give people time to think. This is unacceptable.” 

4 thoughts on “More Sense from Microsoft on Open Format Standards”

  1. doesn’t anyone other than me worry that jokes like this will give them ideas?

  2. It was posted on April 1st, wasn’t it?

    Damn, I’m gullible…

    And, yes, I do think it would give them ideas…

    Amy (who thought it was true… Microsoft seems like it would do something like that)

  3. aw, but those are the best kind of pranks! The ones that are outlandish but still believable…

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