Linux Laptop Adventures…

I now have Mandriva on my laptop.

It was a long process that started on Monday this week.  I got home from work and decided that I wanted to dual-boot my laptop with Ubuntu and Windows.  Well, I put my Kubuntu disc into the DVD drive, and rebooted.  I told it to install, and it did… sort of.  I got impatient with the partitioner and I fubar’d my Windows install.  Yeah, it went away… totally.

So I was Windows-less.  No big deal, I try to reinstall Kubuntu.  Well, I end up with a resolution of 600×800 (ugly) and no wireless.  I went “meh” and stated a download of Mandriva.  After that was downloaded, I installed that.  Wireless wasn’t working, but I did have a 1024×768 resolution.  I decided that wasn’t good enough and I quit for the evening.

The next day (Tuesday) I stated again after work.  I had Mandriva on the computer, and I wasn’t happy.  So, I went to Freespire.  Now, I had a brilliant amount of success with wireless (ie, it worked out of the box) but not with the resolution.  It was at 600×800.  So…  I was tired and went to bed after futzing with it for a couple hours.

Wednesday, I started on my project again.  I decided to install vanilla Ubuntu.  No dice.  No wireless, no decent resolution… Frustration abounded.  I was talking to Brian and he suggested Fedora.  I found a decent Fedora download and got it.  I did the install, and had about the same results as before.

Now, we go to Thursday night.  I was growing tired of the reinstalls and the non-working wireless and crappy resolution.  So, I decided to try Mandriva again.  I installed it, and started browsing the forums to figure out how to get wireless and the resolution working.  I figured out the resolution and got it set to 1280×768 the way I wanted it.  Wireless was a little more of an issue.

I got the drivers I needed and started hacking around the gui for the wireless setup.  I got it all set up and lo and behold, WIRELESS WORKS!!!


I’m quite happy with Mandriva.  It works on the laptop really well.  I haven’t tried suspend/hibernate yet and I’ll report back if/when it works.

KDE was acting up for a little while, but once I turned off the effects (compiz-fusion) it worked like a charm.  Make sure you disable the desktop effects, at least initially, until you’re sure it’s going to work.

If you have a laptop that you need to ditch Windows on (or you just want to try something new) give Mandriva a try.  I’m quite happy with it.

Happy computing to all!

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