New MP3 player… and a slight gripe about my earphones…

Got a new MP3 player.  It’s a good piece of hardware and at 8 GB, it has more than enough room to hold a large portion of my music.

I like it so far.  We’ll see after a few days.

Here’s a picture of it:

Sansa View

It’s by SanDisk and has drag ‘n drop as well as a pretty good radio.  I’m quite happy with it right now…

Which brings me to my earphones:

JVC Earphones

I like these earphones.  They are truly the “bomb” as it were.  The sound from them is excellent, the fit is perfect, and they’re an awesome blue color.

BUT, and this is a big but… there are no replacement parts for the foam earphone bits.  I looked into various places online, as well as at Best Buy and Circuit City.  They have them on the JVC website, but I would have had to pay $7 in shipping alone.  Eeeeee.  Too much for shipping.  I think I’m going to check at Radio Shack.


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