It’s cold.  No; let me rephrase that…  It’s FUCKING cold.  I think it’s about 2 F outside.  They (the weather-people) said that it would “warm up” to about 13 F.

I’ve been drinking tea most of the day to keep warm.  I’ve been wearing warm clothes and everything, but I’m still cold.  Going outside is a bad idea, although I’ve gone out many times today; once for breakfast, once to the murder mystery dinner, and once to Burger King.  It was FREEZING every time.  And, every time, I wore my hat.

Speaking of this hat, I’m surprised that nobody at work has said something snarky about it.  It’s awful looking, but warm.  If anyone laughs at me, I can just mention that it keeps my ears warm.  *grin*

I’m off to grab a blanket and another cup of tea.

Stay warm, everyone!!

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