Flock 1.1 Beta

I just downloaded Flock 1.1 beta, the next in the Flock series!  It’s just as smooth as Flock 1.0.8(?) and even better.  They’ve added picassa, twitter, piczo and webmail accounts (Gmail and Yahoo).  Check out the release notes.  Download it here.

It also has all the “regular” tools you expect from Flock.  List:

  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • Youtube
  • Photobucket
  • Blogger
  • Livejournal
  • Blogsome
  • Typepad
  • WordPress
  • Xanga
  • Self-hosted blog
  • delicious
  • magnolia

It’s a nice browser that allows you to integrate services.  With the prevalence of broadband internet, these services are becoming more used. 

Oh, another good thing about Flock is that it can use Firefox extensions.  Grab what extension you want from Mozilla addons and restart the browser.  Easy as that!  Right now, I have Adblock, Flashblock, Another Delicious Sidebar and PDF Download.  You don’t need too much more.

Flock is fast, easy to use, built on Mozilla technology (so you know that it’s open-source), extensible, and available on Linux, Mac and Windows.  What more could you want?

How many of you use Flock?  How many are interested in trying it?

Get it, try it, and post your responses.

Oh, this is BETA software, just so you know… It’s not ready for people to use as a main browser (even though I do).  If you’re looking for something that’s stable, go with the newest version of 1.0.

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5 thoughts on “Flock 1.1 Beta”

  1. I’ve never really understood what flock adds to firefox, other then a butt-ugly theme and a bunch of plugins that I don’t use.

    What tools does it add for facebook? does it allow me to ignore random stupid applications that I don’t want to see on people’s profiles? does it make it easier for me to upload shit to photobucket (it would be nice if I could have a plugin that would add an upload and link option to my context menu for images)? can it automatically pause and mute youtube videos? can I use it to turn off all embedded audio automatically, regardless of how it was done? does it respect Snopes.com’s no right click bullshit, or turn it off, like I have noscript set up to do?

    Seriously, I don’t understand what it adds other then 10mins to pull delicious bookmarks/other random shit at startup. Note that I am a lazy browser. If its not in my history or linked on a site that prescreens links with a voting queue or mods I generally don’t bother, except for when I get really bored and stumble for a while.

  2. Ouch. Way to kill the excitement for something that’s being improved.

    Anyway, for facebook, it gives you a way to see who’s updated what. *shrug*

    I don’t use Snopes, so I’m not sure about the “no right click” thing, but I’m sure you could fiddle with it.

    You don’t have to have delicious enabled. You can make it what you want. Since you don’t do much blogging, it’s not in your best interest.

    Oh, for photobucket and flickr, it’s easier to upload photos/pictures. You click on the arrow, pick what you want to upload, add tags, and click “upload”. Works better than the site uploader. And you can also upload as many as you want (anyway, I haven’t ran into a limit…).


    PS: Flock is completely separate from Firefox.

  3. Hello Amy:

    I echo with you that Flock is the only social web browser around. The number of social services that are embedded inside the browser is growing as months pass by.

    Flock 1.1 just added Yahoo! and GMail webmail services which is great as well as the photo management software Picasa from Google.

    The availability of extensions is very limited. Of all the Add-ons available I could only find two useful ones. They have to include a lot more to make this feature attractive.

    I use Firefox and Flock 1.0.9 as my main browsers and love both of them greatly.

    BTW, I also enjoy blogging with LiveJournal :-)



  4. Yes.

    I like all of the integrated stuff in Flock.

    As far as extensions go, you can use Firefox 2 extensions from http://addons.mozilla.org/. They install just fine and work like a charm.

    Glad you enjoy Flock!

    It’s my main browser (except on the laptop… I’m in process of installing Mandriva, so I’m in Firefox right now…).


  5. Hello Amy:

    Thanks for the tip. Will try to install a couple of extensions I use with Firefox sometime tomorrow. Crossing my fingers that they will work as you say.

    Good luck with Mandriva.



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