As many of you know, I was working the Shrine Circus this weekend.  I’m so glad it’s done, but it’s quite fiun.  I get to see people I don’t normally see.  I got to see Jamey and all the other clowns.  :)  Jamey is my favorite because I know him very will without his makeup.

Anyway, we worked very hard.  We made sandwiches (ground bologna), chili, and chicken and biscuits.  After that was done, we got the food around for the walkthrough (this was all on Saturday…).  We prepped meatballs and sauce, chicken wings, veggie trays, meat and cheese trays, cracker trays, a relish tray, and bread trays.  Once we got all of those together, we took them over to the civic center (TheDow Center) and set up.  We got things around early…  But I’d rather be early.

Then, we had to serve and keep the trays together.  That’s the hardest because we have to watch what’s going on and jump in with fresh trays at the best time.  I’m getting better at judging when the best time is, just from working at the different dinners at the temple.

After the walkthrough, we did tear down and clean up…  Then we went back to the temple and washed the dishes, organized the leftovers, and generally cleaned up.  We had a very long night; we didn’t get home until 10:30.

Then, we had today to contend with.  Today had fewer to serve (only two shows) but we still were busy.  Unfortunately, Ashis didn’t get a chance to get dinner… although from what I understand, he got some chicken and biscuits earlier in the day.  All the other clowns got food, as well as the other Shriners. 

I don’t know how much we pulled in, but I’m sure we made a healthy profit.  We had leftover from the walkthrough, so we had a chance to make ham and cheese sandwiches for the guys.  They really liked that.

Oh, and I made a young man’s day today.  He was… oh, about 10 or so.  He didn’t know what ground bologna was (his family was a performing group out of Venezuela) but he asked for a cheese sandwich.  I figured, “what the hey” and made him a cheese sandwich!  I put three pieces of cheese on it… I’m not skimpy!  His eyes just lit right up when I said I’d make it for him.  When I handed it to him, he must have thought it was like gold!!  Made me happy.  :)

Now, I think I’m off to sleep…  I’m so tired.

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