More Random Laptop Updates

Ok.  The other day we went to Best Buy and I picked up a sleeve for the laptop as well as a small, wireless mouse.  Granted, it’s a Microsoft branded one, but I am using it on a Microsoft computer, so it works.  *grin*  I quite like it.  It’s small and easy to use.  I have a USB thingy sticking out of my computer, but I have a wireless mouse.  :)  I’ll take what I can get.  Heh.

The sleeve works really well.  I can put it in any bag I have and “viola”, I have a laptop bag.  It’s great.  Since I have a plethora of bags, I can pick one, put what I need in it, plop the computer and its other stuff in it, and off I go.  I just have to remember the power cord and mouse.  *grin*

Ah.  New tech toys.  So much fun.

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