Router and other related computer stuff…


Blazing fast internet.  It’s wonderful.

We had some issues with the router initially and the hard drive that’s now in it could crap out at ay minute, but at least we have the settings saved.  We initially had a CD version of PFSense (running on FreeBSD) and a USB key to save the settings on.  Well, the USB key wasn’t working well (we don’t know if it was the USB key or the program) so my brother just happened on a spare hard drive (one of his friends gave it to him…) and he installed that.  I was without internet for about a half hour, but that’s ok.  Anyway, he got it up and running and things are running like pie.  Happy pie.


I got my updates for Kubuntu yesterday.  Only took about five minutes… Much different from dial up.  Over dial up, it would have taken at least three days.  DAYS!!  Insanity.

We have wireless in the house too.  Yay, although I’m not really utilizing it right now.  If I get a laptop, I might more.  My DS is loving the wireless, although I don’t use it too much.  I posted my DS friend codes here yesterday, with the exception of Animal Crossing.  Yeah, I gotta get that one started again…

Oh, and if anyone uses Skype, feel free to add me: KUBulldogchick, same as my AIM/AOL chat.  I’m not signed in too much, but when I am, I’ll be available to talk or chat.

Now, I’m off for some dinner… Yum.

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