Kubuntu Gutsy Upgrade

I did it.  I upgraded to Kubuntu Gutsy.  Well, I’m still kind of in the process, being on a dial-up connection and all.  The CD arrived on Monday and I had it installed and running.  I had to get the updates and such (which is what I’m doing right now) so I have a little while to wait.

I also got Flock up and running.  It was a little difficult at first since I needed a library that I didn’t have.  Anyway, I found what I needed and installed it, and Flock worked.  Ya-hoo.

I’ve found that using apt-get update and apt-get upgrade seem to work better than using adept for these insanly large updates.

I need to get (in order of importance):

  1. Firefox
  2. Misc. Games (Suduku, solitare, etc)

I got Yakuake, Gimp, ScummVM, Flock and some other games.  That’s the big pain about upgrading…  I have to get my computer back the way it was before I upgraded.  Oh well.

I also want to get Firefox because I think it would be good to have around.

Oh, and right now, I’m getting flash.  Woo-hoo.

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