Yes, I know that everyone has been waiting for my fanfiction updates!  Well, maybe not…

Anyway, I’ve got a new one up (it will be up in a seperate post).  It’s CSI and is directly related to last night’s ep.

Ok…  Links ahoy!

This is all Inspector Lynley.  I’ve updated both stories to reflect the comments I’ve been receiving from LiveJournal and  I’m only posting on dA and  So… here we are:

New Beginnings: This one is my serial ILM fic.  Kind of a “getting together” fic.  It relates to Helen’s death and covers all of the eps aired in the USA.  Rated R.  (Four chapters, so far.  I’m working on a fifth.)
The Next Day: My first foray into smut-fic.  Lynley and Havers get together and fun ensues!  Anyway, this one is rated M.  If you don’t like this stuff, don’t read it.  (Two chapters)

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