Fanfiction dot net

I’ve decided to post most of my fanfics up on fanfiction dot net. It’s easier than having a tonnage of places to post fanfiction (like here, my dA, etc…).

I’m hoping to make things easier for me.

Feedback is still encouraged through here, dA, or even the site.

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2 thoughts on “Fanfiction dot net”

  1. Hee. Before I wised up and looked in your sidebar for a link to your account, I did an author search for gamerchick. Only one account came up, and it has a truly horrible account profile. How horrible? This is my favorite line:

    “raise: IM PINK so dont u be calling me white”

    Fortunately, I was astute enough to realize this was probably not you.

  2. Ack.

    Yes, thank you for being astute.

    Curse people who ruin the gamerchick name… :-P


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