Pidgin, Art, etc…

K.  New Pidgin out.  Must.  Have.  New.  Version.

But, I apparently need some sort of gtk+ 2.0 development headers.  *searches repos*  Can’t find (granted, it’s like 10:30 pm when I try this…).  So… I try to compile without the gtk stuff (only finch).  That doesn’t work either.  Gah.

Now, I’m currently getting the 2.2.0 (current version is 2.2.1) version from getdeb.  Now, don’t be all “but getdeb isn’t the right way to install…”.  I.  Don’t.  Care.  Compiling this thing is gonna be a migraine for me, so I’m going with the deb version.

Apparently this new version has myspaceIM.  Cool, but I’m not sure I want myspaceIM.  Although, it’s better than having to run the version put out by myspace.  :-P

There’s also some sort of error with this version and MSN.  I don’t allow random people to add me, so it shouldn’t be a problem.


Art time!  Well, I don’t have anything new up, but Wolfself is still trying to drum up commissions!  More info here.  If you want some kliller artwork, go to her!  :-D


Oh, I totally know this is late, but I got this from her last week.  It’s awesome, and I’m gonna try to have one of my friends frame it.  :)  Yahoo!  She also sent me a ring she made with GilxSara stamped on it… I’m gonna make a cording for it so I can wear it.  I had bought a chain for it, but it just didn’t seem to work for me.

by Wolfself


Now, I’m just waiting for my Phoenix Wright game to be sent.  I ordered it through GameStop and I’ll be getting a free(!) PW plushie!  I’m sending it to Wolfie cuz I promised her.  She wanted it, and besides lack of funds, I think it was only good for people in the US.  Stupid terms and conditions…

It’s not sent til Oct 23, so I’m not holding my breath…

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