This is True

I don’t mention much about This is True, but I am a subscriber of this incredible news feed from Randy Cassingham.  I had the free feed for a long time: about 3 years.  Then, I decided to upgrade to the Premium Edition ($24 for a weekly feed; can’t beat it!).  Earlier this year, I was without a job, and decided to go back to the free feed.  Wow, what a difference!  I had gotten used to the Premium Edition, and to go back to the free edition (only about half the stories) is almost painful!

Well, I recently bit the bullet, and re-subscribed to the Premium Edition.  Wow… Got my second email this week (today) and read straight through it.  I read somewhere that a subscriber said that the free feed is “like a snack” while the Premium Edition is “like a full course meal”.  They are totally right!  It’s quite a difference.

I also just came upon the headline aggregator that Randy mentioned in his Premium Edition.  It’s called Groxx and has a ton of sweet, funny headlines.  I haven’t dug too far into it, but I’m assuming it’s like slashdot or baninNation, but without the snarky comments.

Oh, and while I’m at it, I’ll plug his blog and Cranky Customer.  Very good and interesting.  Check them out!

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