Angsty Fanfic

Hmmm… In the three fics that I’ve “published” I’ve noticed a theme:  Angst.

Angst is good.  But I’d like to try my hand at fluff.  Fluff has got to be hard… hard to keep it light and fun.

CSI and ILM are good for the angst fics.  All the “stuff” that goes on between the characters (especially the romance-y stuff between Gris and Sara, and between Lynley and Havers) makes it easy fodder for angst fics. 

Does anyone have advice for fluff fics?  I read fluff and love it.  But, I can’t seem to get my stuff to come out light and fluffy… like a good angel food cake.  My stuff always ends up heavy, like pound cake.

Mmmmm… cake….

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6 thoughts on “Angsty Fanfic”

  1. I know nothing about writing fanfic. With that disclaimer, I will now proceed to expound as if I did. :)

    I heard a quote on Inside The Actor’s Studio once (in an interview of Robin Williams), where the host quoted someone as saying “You can fake drama, but you can’t fake comedy.” Somehow, it has to be genuine.

    The stuff I love the best in episodic comedy comes when you put your favorite characters in farcical situations, and comedy naturally ensues as the characters, in their natural reactions, react.

    Star Trek was great at this — The Trouble With Tribbles, Shore Leave come immediately to mind. I think of other bits as well … there’s a Christmas episode of JAG (All Ye Faithful) where the characters meet modern-day echoes of Rudolph, the Holy Family, the Three Wise Men, Ebenezer Scrooge, and Clarence — and somehow, it all seems natural.

    So, put your favorite people in an unusual place and time, and see what happens. I dunno … Grissom and Sara have their car break down in the middle of Amish country?

  2. Cool idea.

    I remember that JAG ep! OMG, was it ever funny! Totally alternate universe (AU). :)

    I didn’t know you liked JAG… I was quite obsessed by it for a long time… I don’t think I’ve missed an episode of it (and I own none on DVD…).


  3. Yeah, I like JAG a lot. (Unfortunately, we never saw the last season … got too many programs that we’re trying to follow on TV and not enough time after chasing rugrats …)

  4. The last season was not one of the best, but I liked the way they ended it. Do you want spoilers?


  5. S’ok. I read the final episode summary on Wikipedia, so I know how it got (sort-of) resolved. :)

  6. Ok. No prob. Sort-of resolved is totally right. They left it open for a TV movie, but I hope they don’t do that.


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