More Fanfic

Well, not exactly.

I’m in process of getting a Lynley/Havers fanfic together.  I’ve got an outline started, and it will be started by the end of this week.

Apparently, Helen dies (!) in one of the episodes I haven’t seen yet.  So… I’m going with that tiny bit of knowledge and expanding on it… kind of making Lynley depressed.  Yeah, angst.  Maybe it will be R rated.  I’m not sure.  I want some sort of emotional “hurt/comfort” story.  Yeah, I’ve done it with Gris/Sara, but I kind of want to branch out.

I wanted to try something different.  This will probably be posted up on dA as well as on the inspectorlynley community.


In other fanfic news, I will be working on a Gris/Sara fanfic after I get this L/H one done.  It will be posted here, geeklove, and my dA page.

I’m not sure about this one, but I think it might be fluffy.  I want some fluffy fics.  I want fics that are fluffy and happy and all that stuff.  Like one person said in their author’s note “I fell into a huge pile of fluff”.  Heh.  Maybe smuff.  I’m not sure.

After I get something fun down, I might do some more angst or whatever.  Not entirely sure.

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