X-posted on my deviantArt page.

I’ve been going through my art that I’ve done through the years (mostly high school) and I found some stuff I thought would be nice to post.

Most of it is going to be through pictures (photographs) as it’s too big to fit on the bed of my scanner. I like to work big, I guess…

This idea came about from wolfself, last night when we were chatting about art and stuff that we’ve done in the past. So, I thought I’d post some of it.

I didn’t realize what a large body of work I had, until I started to go through it. I have pastel drawings, pencil drawings… Some paintings. Most of my stuff is in color (I love color).

I have a tonnage of block prints. Some are linoleum and some are lithograph.

Well, once I get the prints back, my artwork will be up on dA. Til then, I’m uploading two that fit on the bed of my scanner.

Take a look over there and feel free to comment on my stuff.  Keep in mind that it’s OLD (high school) but it’s my favorite work from that time.

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