Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

I have been following the reviews and buzz about the Phoenix Wright games and ended up picking up the second in the series (Justice for All) first.  Well, I decided to go back and get the first one and play through it first.

Anyway, this game is awesome.  Totally different from other games, with a point-and-click style that lends itself well to the DS.  It uses the touch screen well, and is high on the courtroom drama.

Phoenix Wright is a lawyer who has just graduated from law school and is working at the Fey & Co Law Firm.  He starts out defending a murder suspect (his best friend, Larry Butz).  This is sort of a tutorial case, as you learn how to present evidence, question witnesses, press witnesses and interact with the judge, prosecutor and witness.

Once that case is completed (and your buddy is freed), things take a turn for the worse.  Mia Fey, your mentor, is murdered!  And to make things worse, her sister, Maya Fey, is accused of the crime!  So, you have to investigate.  You start out by talking to witnesses and gathering evidence.  Things are never as they seem, so you need to press people to get anywhere.

Right now, I am at the point where Phoenix is actually on trial.  I pressed the room-service guy at the hotel (play the game to understand more!) and Phoenix was accused of the murder!  Which, of course, Phoenix doesn’t commit.  Now, I have to get him out of this jam.

This game is lots of fun.  It challenges your mental capacity, your quick wits, and your courage.  You need to believe in your clients to prove them not guilty and you need to believe in yourself.

Bottom Line: 5/5; Rated T for Teen, for blood, language, suggestive themes and violence.  I’d say it’s appropriate for someone 14 and older.  If they’re mature enough to watch CSI, then they’re mature enough to play this game.

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