Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney; Justice for All

Justice for All is similar to the previous Phoenix Wright game.  It’s second in the series, and carries many of the same elements over from the first.  My previous post reviews the first one.

You, again, are Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney.  The game starts out with you in your office, listening to a cell phone ring.  This is the start of your case.

Your first case is to represent a police officer who’s boyfriend (also a police officer) was murdered.  She is accused of committing said murder and the evidence looks really damning against her.  This (like your other first case in the first game) is a tutorial.  You learn how to question witnesses, present evidence, press witnesses and win cases!

I’m at the point in this game where I’m investigating the second case.  I don’t want to divulge too much about it, as I’m not very far.

Anyway, in this game, Mystic Pearl (Maya’s cousin) gives you a stone which can be used to identify “psych-locks” on people.  They hold these facts close to their hearts and you need to break the locks to find out the information.  You do this in the same way you press witnesses and present evidence in the courtroom.  The hardest part is figuring out which evidence to present to the person you are questioning.

This game is just as fun as the first one.

Bottom Line: 4.8/5, only for the frustration factor with the psych-locks.  I’ve run into a couple road blocks with it.  Rated T for Teen; blood, mild violence and suggestive themes.  Again, I’d give this game to someone who’s 14 or older.  If they’re mature enough to watch CSI, then this game should be safe for them.

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