Let me clarify a couple things about flock.

I didn’t go into the new version too much in my last post about the browser. 

Unfortunately, there aren’t very many addons that have been ported to 0.9 yet.  I’m using:

  • Adblock Plus (a must for any internet user; some form of adblocking addon)
  • Flashblock (again, something I can’t do without)
  • Download Statusbar (very handy; gets rid of the download status window)
  • PDF Download (prevents the browser from crashing when loading PDFs)
  • Flock Blog Plus (adds some extra stuff to the flock blog interface, including the option to have the window pop up at the bottom of your window and allow you to still read and use the webpage behind it; much like Scribefire [formerly performancing])
  • Another Delicious Sidebar (because I can’t get the blooming favorites to behave)

All of these are from the Firefox addons page, except for Flock Blog Plus.

Flock is based on FF2’s code base, so the addons coded for FF2 will work for this version of Flock.  It’s pretty nice that you can use the same addons you like with Firefox as with Flock.

The biggest issue with this version (other than the misbehaving favorites) is the toolbar.  Now, I like to condense my toolbars down.  This means that I usually have my toolbars like this:

I totally eliminate the navigation toolbar, and move all the navigation buttons up to the “File, Edit, etc” bar.  And you can see the issue that Flock has with this.  I’ve submitted a feedback request about it, and the person who received it formed a bug report

Other than this and the minor bookmarks issue, it’s awesome.  Again, try it out!

Flock on, my friends!