Harry Potter and the Order of the Phenoix

We (my mom,

 and I) went to the new Harry Potter film.  It is awesome.

If you’ve just read the book, you will see things that were left out.  All movies do that.  The best part of this one was that they didn’t add anything.  Many movies add things that aren’t in the books (I cite H2G2 as an example…).

Anyway, here’s my small review.


Harry is back for his  fifth year of school at Hogwart’s.  There have been strange things going on, including his dreams, where he is seeing things that are happening at the time (Sirius being captured; Mr. Weasley being tortured).

It turns out that Harry has a mental connection to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named (Lord Voldemort) and he can sort of communicate with him this way.  Understandably, it freaks Harry out, and he goes to Dumbledore for help; Dumbledore sort of distances himself from Harry.

Voldamort is returning to terrorize the world.  He uses this connection to Harry as a means to get ahead in the “war”.

There’s a new teacher at the school in the Dark Arts department, who is from the Ministry of Magic (MM; Prof. Umbridge).  She is hell-bent on changing the school and turning it into something that focuses on rules, regulations and book-learning.

Harry tries to warn the school (including Umbridge) of Lord Voldemort’s return to power, but most scoff at his claims.

The movie ends with a HUGE CG scene in the MM.  I’m not going to reveal the ending, because, well, you all have to see it!

The movie is awesome!  I do not recommend taking kids to it (it is rated PG-13, after all) that are easily scared.  The dementors scenes in the beginning are scary (they even scared me!) and are not appropriate for a kid under 12 to see.

Rating: 5/5 stars.  Brilliant story-line, well paced, not too long and held true to the book.