Question to all my readers:

What IRC program do you use?

I’ve used Xchat (and I love it!) but I have an issue with it.  I always seem to forget to log in when I’m online, so I don’t show up as “online” when I’m “online”.  I always seem to miss cool conversations when I don’t log in.

So, I’ve tried going back to pidgin for IRC.  It’s not the easiest thing to use.  Matter-of-fact, it seems rather clunky, compared to Xchat.  It’s not as configurable.  The advantage is, however, when I sign into Pidgin, I’m signed into all my chat servers.

I also like the notifications (guifications) with pidgin.  I don’t have that with Xchat (although I’m sure there is probably something similar).  I think that might help me use it more.

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2 thoughts on “IRC”

  1. I use irssi, but it’s text-based and probably not the sort of thing you’re looking for :)

    I’ve heard good things about KDE’s Konversation as far as GUI clients go, I don’t know much about the features though and how they sync with your needs.

  2. I’ve used Koversation before, and I like it. I just wanted to try Xchat. I think I like Xchat better. :)

    Text-based isn’t so bad, but I’ve never tried irssi. I think I might want to though. Thanks for the idea.


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