Beryl Pics

I got Beryl running!  W00tness!!

For ‘s sake, I have included pics:

My Beryl cube.  Nice, huh?

I have the animated raise and lower going on.  It changes too fast to screenshot.

I also have the wobbly windows feature.  Very sweet looking.  Again, too fast to screenshot.

Here’s the transparency.  Nice, huh?  And all on integrated graphics, 512 MB RAM and a P4 2.66Ghz processor.


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6 thoughts on “Beryl Pics”

  1. I’ll be interested in your reviews of using it… I’m currently coming to rest inside Ubuntu, and becoming fairly productive using the default setup.

    How easy is Beryl to use, as a desktop. It certainly looks pretty, and you say the raise and lower is “too fast to screenshot” which sounds good to me :)

    Does it feel like it’s going to be much better than other desktops? I mean, other than fancy graphics, why is it better than GNOME/KDE/Ratpoison/Screen/Ion/E17?

    I ask because i hate X to the core of my being.

  2. so use a terminal. Emacs runs in a terminal so you have everything you need.

    Anyways, looks great! The only feature that provides real value is transparency. I love a transparent terminal over the documentation that explains how to configure stuff. Its great if you lack screen real estate.

    Beryl is used exactly like gnome. It looks like gnome, it acts like gnome and uses most of the same configuration AFAIK. At least Compiz+XGL did when I used them a year or two back.

  3. Beryl works with Gnome or KDE to create a shiny interface. It’s so you can show off your computer to a Windows guy and say “see, it does all this on XYZ specs”. :)

    I think it’s not necessarily for “productivity” but for “looks”. Anyway, that’s what I see it as.

    Beryl is very easy to use, once you get it configured. There are lots of things to configure in it, as you might well imagine.

    Have fun with it. Learn about it, show it off, etc. If it becomes too irritating to you, turn it off. It will still be there when you want shinies on your desktop again.


  4. Have you ever used the Emacs IRC mode?

    Trust me, you don’t want to. Turned me into a vi guy.

  5. Just to throw my 2c in. It also works out of the box with XFCE, which is what I use. In Ubuntu Feisty if you have a 3d accelerated graphics card it was as simple as installing a few packages and then running `beryl-manager` – I’m pretty impressed with how it Just Works.

    That said, I don’t use it when I’m at work (when I have 100 some-odd windows open to 60 servers all over the world, it’s just too much for this 2ghz machine), it’s just a fun weekend toy :)

  6. Yay for working out of the box.

    Yeah… I had to get the package that gives you an icon in the notification area. It’s nice, since you can switch from Compiz to Beryl to Metacity with a couple clicks. :) Makes for an easy switch when you don’t need or want the shinies.

    Enjoy. I don’t really know what increase to productivity Beryl provides other than making it fun to use your computer again. :)


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