The IE Experiement Redux

I decided to do a little experiment today with regards to IE and Flock.  I would browse for a little bit using IE7, then browse some more with Flock.

Results (covers IE7; everyone here has heard my praise of Flock)


  1. No ad/flash blocker.  This is a real beef with me, since I browse Myspace and other sites that use flash (sites that link to slashdot can be heavily peppered with flash ads), I need something to block it or else I run the risk of having a grand mal seizure.
  2. Slow.  My connection through IE7 was slow.  Not that my connection was fast before (bloody dial-up!) but it seemed even slower using IE7.
  3. Lack of customization.  Although I found a site that will install plug-ins, it’s still not as customizable as Firefox or even Flock.
  4. Bloated.  IE7, although a HUGE improvement over IE6, still is too bloated.  Even without a spell checker, it still is still bloated with ActiveX.


  1. Very good RSS reader.  For all of IE7’s issues, it has a very good RSS reader.  The RSS capabilities of IE7 seem very extensive, with a good layout and speedy response of articles.
  2. Google search bar.  IE7 has a a search bar at the top of the window.  This in itself is very nice, but it automatically opens a new tab when you search for something.
  3. Standard with the MS operating system.  Again, this may or may not be a good thing, but if you’re one to have all of your computer “stuff” from one company, this does what you need.
  4. File browsing.  This is convenient and much similar to Konqueror.


I did a comparison earlier in my LiveJournal, but I wanted to revisit the issue.  I was wondering if IE7 would feel the same or worse or better than my initial impressions of it.  My opinion of it hasn’t really changed from before.  I still say “go with Firefox or Opera for a browser”.  If you do a tonnage of blogging or uploads to photo sites (flickr, etc), go with Flock.

My $0.02 for what it’s worth.