Pidgin Update, Flock Cormorant Trunk Update

Pidgin has an update.  It’s supposed to fix a couple of bugs; hopefully the “crash when changing userpics” bug.  I’ve had it crash a couple times on both Ubuntu and on Windows.  It’s no big deal.  I just have to restart the program, but it can make for some irritation.

ChangeLog: version 2.0.1 (05/24/2007):
* Buddy list update speedups when buddy icons are not being
displayed. (Scott Wolchok)
* Fix icons on docklet change status menu to match the status selector
* Custom smileys on MSN can be saved by right-clicking on them
* Fix a crash deleting a buddy that is in the Buddy List more than once
* Compile fixes for Solaris
* Fix GTalk formatting when there’s a space before/after a */_
* Fix Log viewer crash when the filename is not in the expected format
* Get User Info now provides immediate feedback, and is updated when the
user information is available
* Make the choose buddy icon dialog correctly list the current directory
* Fix for buddy icons disappearing
* Timestamps are always on in debug output (-d) and Debug Window now
* Don’t escape html entities in Yahoo! system messages
* Fix for the choose buddy icon dialog resizing strangely as files are selected
* Receives notifications when XMPP buddies send “leaving chat”
* Fix the typing animation so it doesn’t stop animating once a conversation
has gone from typing -> not typing -> typing
* Fix error messages when joing XMPP chats
* Identify the account when warning about plaintext auth over an
unencrypted channel
* Fix XMPP SASL authentication error when using Cyrus and a connect server
* Fix changing tab locations to update properly
* Turning off “Show formatting on incoming messages” now ignores
formatting in tags too
* File transfer progress for transfers on MSN is now correctly displayed
* You can set/change alias of buddies/chats by double-clicking on the
conversation tabs (Ma Xuan)
* Fix IRC connection bug with dircproxy (xjoe)
* Ctrl+[shift]+tab focuses the next most active tab (William Thompson)
* Fix Open Hotmail Inbox for MSN to work more reliably
* Add a Google Talk item to the protocol list, to help users who think
we don’t support Google Talk. The item acts just like “XMPP”.
* Remember if the X server supports XScreenSaver, to avoid waking it
every 5 seconds. (Arjan van de Ven with Intel Corporation)
* Change our idle checking to poll only as necessary and raise the
unidle timeout from 5 seconds to 60 when using XScreenSaver. This
and the XScreenSaver change will reduce Pidgin’s effect on power
consumption when running with NO_HZ. (Arjan van de Ven with Intel
* Conversation -> Save As will now use aliases.
* ALSA added as a possible sound method
* Google Talk accounts will not import buddies from your Gmail address

* Userlist in chat windows, which can be turned on or off using
“/users” command
* Menus in the conversation windows
* Improved tab completion support
* Ctrl+c prompts with a dialog before exiting
* Filter string in the debug window
* Notify when you leave a chat
* Work around an ncurses bug which appears when half of a multi-cell
character is covered by an upper-level window
* New plugins are shown in bold text in the plugin dialog
* Nicer HTML screendumps


Flock Cormorant now has another update.  If you head over to the trunk page, you can get the newest build.  They’re done nightly, so if something doesn’t work, try again tomorrow and see if it works there.

You’re favorite addons may not work.  I had a hair of a problem getting adblock working, but I found out that the adblock plus extension will work just fine.  I *need* adblock, flashblock, pdf download, and download statusbar to function.  Those four are the bare minimum I need to browse the net.  I can get rid of most any irritating flash or ads with those.  And the pdf download comes in handy to get pdfs.  My browser won’t crash when trying to get them.  And of course the download statusbar is just a nice thing to have because it keeps unnecessary windows from cluttering the screen.  :)  Just my $0.02.


Edited 5/29/07; added Changelog for Pidgin 2.0.1

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