Wisconsin Trip

As some of you know, I went to Wisconsin on Wednesday.  Here’s a lowdown on the trip. 

Wednesday, 5/23/2007

I got started early; about 5 AM for a 7:40 AM flight.  The trip through airport security was easy and painless.  I don’t like having to take my shoes off, but that’s ok.  The flight to Minneapolis/St. Paul was kind of long, but fine.

The flight from Minneapolis/St. Paul to LaCrosse was very bumpy.  I don’t remember anything like that from Boston to Bangor.  I ended up weaving from that plane to the baggage claim.  My bags got to LaCrosse all right, but they were searched by the TSA.  Anything for flight safety, right?

Enterprise (my car rental company) was not in the airport.  I was quite confused  until the lady from Hertz gave me the number for Enterprise.  And yes, they do “pick you up”, just like the commercials.

I ended up with a Ford Escape.  Not too bad of a car, but I’m not used to driving a SUV.  Matter-of-fact, I’m not used to driving anything much larger than my mom’s Saturn.

The hotel was really nice.  It had a pool, but I didn’t have my swimsuit with me, so I didn’t get a chance to use it.  I opted for TV and reading my book.  Not much was on TV, but I watched some episodes of Without a Trace and Spongebob.

Went to bed early.  Now we come to:

Thursday, 5/24/07

This is the day of the interview.  I got around early (about 6:30).  Breakfast was included in the price of the hotel.

It took ten minutes (literally!) to get to Michaels.  I was early (as usual).  At any rate, the interview went well.  I was spot on with stuff, and I felt totally at ease with the guy I talked to.  He was totally nice… everyone seems nice from Wisconsin!

We ended up getting lunch(!) at a a cajun place.  I got the seafood gumbo.  It was sooooo good; slightly spicy, but that’s fine.  I explained Kettering’s program to the engineers I was with.  The were impressed.  Well, like I said to them; “people are either impressed or horrified by the program” (said in leiu of ten weeks of classes/3 days of exams and 20 credits).

The interview was done about 2 PM.  I went to the car, changed clothes, then went to Enterprise.  They took me to the airport and all was well.  My outgoing flight was late(!) but I didn’t worry.  My connecting flight in Minneapolis/St. Paul left at 7:20 PM.

If you end up in the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport, make sure you have at least a 2 hour layover.  Why, you ask?  It’s so you can go SHOPPING!!  Yes, I said shopping!  There’s like a mall in there!  It’s so cool.

Anyway, I was sitting over by D terminal (my gate was D1) after I had Quiznos for dinner.  I was sitting there listening to my mp3 player, and was like “what am I doing?  I could be walking around!”.  So I did.  I wandered around over by F terminal.  They have an iPod store with pre-loaded iPods, a luggage store with some cool purses, clothes shops, book stores and a cool little Minnesota shop with kitchy stuff in it.  It had shirts, hats, magnets, keychains, mugs, baseballs… anything you wanted that mentioned Minnesota, this shop had.  I ended up with a magnet shaped like Minnesota with a loon and moose on it as well as a hat.  Set me back about $20, but that’s ok.  I wish I had picked something up in Wisconsin, but I wasn’t thinking about that when I was there.  Oh well.  I’ve got something from Minnesota, so it’s ok.  :)

I ended up home by 10:30 PM EDT.  I was super tired.

I hope I get this job.  It sounds like a  cool opportunity.  I wouldn’t mind moving to Wisconsin.  It’s a very nice state, with loads of things to do.  :)

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  1. Glad to hear it went well.

    Obligatory Advertising: if you get the job, once you get enough influence, don’t forget your alma mater. Imagine what it would be like to have one of your own co-op students working for you … :)

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