delicious and an unhealthy addiction to irc and ponderings about getting rid of windows

I have mentioned before that I’m addicted to delicious, but this is getting ridiculous.  I keep looking at my network and seeing all sorts of sweet links.  I’ve added several from there, as well as some from the front page of delicious.  It’s quite interesting to see who else is adding what.

I originally got delicious so I wouldn’t have to keep updating my bookmarks on my computer.  I use two different browsers (Flock and Firefox) and I got mega-tired of trying to keep my bookmarks synced between the two browsers.  Add to that my Windows side of things, and you have an irritation that needs to be fixed. 

Like I’ve mentioned before, I didn’t like delicious the first time I tried it.  It was clunky and slow to upload.  I wanted to upload all my bookmarks from my computer into delicious, but it didn’t quite work.  I abandoned it for a while, then went back when the need to keep syncing my bookmarks was really irritating.  I found out that I didn’t need as many bookmarks.

I pared down what I had, re-named some stuff and figured out the best tags for what I had.  The delicious site is improving all the time and I have found it easier to use as time goes on.


I’ve started using IRC more and more.  I’ve found some really nice people on Freenode: #ubuntu-women and Linuxchix: #linuxchix and #grrls-only.  It’s nice to talk to other people who have an interest in linux and are interested in helping you.  Xchat is one of the best IRC clients out there.  I’ve used Konversation (and I like it) but I really like xchat.  It’s so easy to use.  :)

I fixed my core-dump problem (I still don’t know exactly what I did, but whatever I did worked).  I think I completely uninstalled it, as well as removed my profile (?) so the entire “footprint” of the program was gone.  I guess it had been holding over a messed-up profile upon uninstall and reinstall, so the problems would still show up.  It’s not kept in the same directory as xchat, so I had to find it.  It was in my /home directory.


I’ve also been thinking of getting rid of WinXP.  Totally getting rid of it.  It would be totally gone from my hard drive.  It’s a big step (I’ve kept WinXP around for “my thesis” and “games” but I guess it’s really a crutch) but I think I’m ready to take it.  The only thing I want working without a doubt is either Wine or Crossover.  I need/want MS Office to work for me.  If I edit stuff in from MS Office in, the formatting has a tendency to change.  Not usually a problem, but I’ve been getting stuff from companies and I don’t want to change the formatting when I save.

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  1. I’m delighted to see you on IRC more (even if we don’t get to talk much). It’s a fantastic medium and more women need to be using it so guys stop being freaked out by us being around!

    And you can’t say you have an unhealthy addiction until you stay logged in 24/7 ;)

    I think what I have is worse than an unhealthy addition, 7 IRC servers – which includes an IRC server for work because at work we’re IRC junkies and like using it more than the phone. Plus all my IM stuff comes in through IRC via BitlBee (which is technically another server). And I’m always in between 25-30 channels. Right now I’m on the low end with “only” 28.

  2. I guess I don’t have an addiction then!

    But I do tend to try to follow the conversations closely. Even if I’m not responding, I tend to read or “lurk”.

    IRC is a great medium. I’ve gotten help and given help via it. It’s almost like a message board in “real-time”. I like having a group of people to chat with at any time of the day. It’s quite interesting to see where people are from. :)

    I’m only on three servers (freenode, linuxchix and flock) and only six rooms (#ubuntu, #ubuntu-women, #ubuntuforums, #linuxchix, #grrls-only and #flock) and that is plenty to keep track of for me!


  3. Honestly, I don’t see any reason to uninstall XP. You’ve already paid for the license (one way or another). If you just boot into Linux by default and never touch the XP partition, XP won’t care. (Unless you really need the disk space or something like that.)

    And if suddenly something comes up that absolutely requires that you have XP, then you’ll have it. Otherwise, you can just ignore it.

    I suppose that uninstalling XP allows you to make a profound moral statement about being MS-free, but I’m not sure anybody cares (especially since MS already has your money…).

  4. Uninstalling is worth it if you need the disk space. You don’t store that much data, so why bother?

    IRC has always seemed pretty pointless to me. 30-40 people talking all at once, none of it about the set topic, and very little of actual value. Forums are much better, if slower, because they force people to think about a complete response before they type. Don’t mean they always do (fr1st pr0st anyone? Soviet Russia?) but it seems to improve the chances.

  5. Why not uninstall XP? I don’t use it. Yes, I still have the license from M$, but I’m accomplishing all I need to with Ubuntu. All it’s doing is eating up 40 Gigs of my hard drive. It’s also unsafe to operate on the internet, since I haven’t updated my anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall in ages.

    Nothing requires you to have XP. Most everything you can ever run has either: a) an OS alternative (Photoshop-Gimp, Trillian-Pidgin, IE-Firefox, MS, etc), b) works under Wine or Crossover, or c) has an actual Linux/Unix version (Xchat, Matlab/Simulink, Ideas, etc). You have to be willing to find an alternative.

    If I were to get a new computer, I’d get either a laptop from Dell with Ubuntu on it or a MacBook. I’m not giving any more of my heard-earned cash to M$ for anything.

    Profound moral statements aside, I feel that people should have a choice with what software they use. That also includes using OS alternatives. Linux should be encouraged as a viable alternative to Windows and even (dare I say it?) Mac. (Watch the Mac fanbois flip!) After all, Mac is nothing more than Unix with a shiny interface on top of it.

    That’s what FOSS is all about: choice. And M$ is killing choice by installing their operating system on ALL systems that are mass-produced (except for Mac), then FORCING you to pay for it. Definition of a monopoly, anyone? Actually, it sounds more like the Mob.

    If my viewpoint makes me anti-capitalist, then so be it.


  6. Like says below … if you don’t need the disk space back, there’s no reason to take it off. It’s not a security risk if you never boot into it.

    I have absolutely no problem with people going to MS alternatives. User-level is a choice is a good thing. But from that perspective … deleting XP deprives you of the opportunity to make future choices on which OS or which app you use for a particular purpose.

    If you could get your money back from MS, or you really needed that disk space, I’d support you completely. Otherwise, I think it’s just throwing money away.

  7. Ah, but I still have the XP license to reinstall at my leisure, as well as a copy of SP2. So, I still have a choice. Just because I uninstall XP doesn’t mean I give up my OEM license for it (although Microsoft would probably want me to replace it… heh).

    I couldn’t get my money back for XP. I’ve already used it (lots, I must admit). You can get your cash back, if you were forced to pay for it, and only turned the computer on to put a Distro disk in to install some form of Linux or BSD.

    I’d feel guilty for demanding my money back since I’ve used the product. (I do still have a conscience…)

    “It’s not a security risk if you never boot into it.” Then why even have it around? It’s like keeping that old, broken something-or-other because “I might fix it someday”.


  8. Oh … if you’ve actually got the thing on separate storage media, that’s another thing entirely. Sure, at that point, you can stick it in a box and pull it out if you need it.

    (Sometimes you can get the money back under the terms you describe, but not always. The web is full of epic stories of people who tried to do that and mostly failed.)

  9. It’s not on a separate hard drive though. I just partitioned my hard drive and I have the two different OSes on it.

    I wish I had installed it to my smaller, other hard drive. Oh well, things are the way they are. I guess I might just reduce the size of my NTFS drive with gparted or something.

    Regarding getting my money back: I don’t think I’d try. It’s unethical to try to get your money back for a product if you’ve used it and it was defect-free. Now, if you use it and it’s full of bugs (software) or has a problem with some part (car, toy, etc) you have a right to ask for your money back.

  10. You can get disk imaging software to accomplish the move of XP from one drive to another, if you ever do think about moving it from your larger drive to a smaller one.

    I agree with JKHuggins. XP is one of those things where, when you least expect it, you’ll need it. If it’s not harming anything, I’d just not boot into it. Want that hard-drive space back? Set aside an afternoon, bite the bullet, and just install XP on the smaller drive. I’m assuming that, once it’s done, Ubuntu has disk management tools to increase the size of the partitian, or at least to wipe that one, and create a secondary partition out of it? That way, you have XP, just in case, and you can forget about it. Sooner or later though, necessity will rear its ugly head, and you’ll go looking for that XP install.

    I’m all about people using other software than MS, as long as it works for them. I saw the other day that many companies are starting to sell Laptops with other OSs on them. I think that’s phenominal. I encourage it. If I had the leisure, I’d boot into Ubuntu myself, just to check it out. When I do, have little doubt, I’ll come balling to you for advice. ;)

    Does Ubuntu have any kind of Virtual Console software? Programs like VirtualPC make running other operating systems easy and convinient, and if your PC has the power, a virtual XP console might be your answer.

  11. Yes, Ubuntu does have virtual console software. You can run XP inside of Ubuntu. I’ve seen it at work, and it’s pretty cool.

    gparted allows you to change the size of your NTFS drive without harming Windows. I think I might give it a shot, even though I have tons of room on my Ubuntu partition. It doesn’t seem to get as cluttered as XP does.

    Anyway, before I do anything drastic (like killing XP) I’m going to try and get either Wine or Crossover to work. That way if I do run into something I need to run that has .dll’s I can use it in Ubuntu.


  12. I’ve found that I’ve gotten help faster in IRC than I have on the forums. It’s because I just pop my question out there and *bam* someone usually has an answer. :)

    I also like being able to talk with other people from all over the world. I’ve met some really cool people through IRC and have talked to them off IRC about other things. If you stick to rooms that hold your interest, then you can meet some cool people. Isn’t that what the net is all about?


  13. ok… keep windows on the first partition of your first hard drive or it will never boot again. This is from personal experience.

    VMware server is entirely free and very easy to set up. Including OS install, I had OpenBSD up and installed in about an hour (OpenBSD being a very quick install). Most of that was waiting for stuff to install and watching status bars.

    I run linux exclusively on my laptop and I have everything from wireless support to sound. My only complaints have to do with suspend/hibernate destroying PCMCIA support and the crappy hardware I have to run it on. The tank came with windows 2k and could barely run that; linux is definitely a step up.

    Always remember: “There are no women on the Internet. On the Internet, all men are men, all women are men, and all kids are the FBI.”

  14. Thanks for the info. Note to self: don’t move Windows around; it doesn’t like it.

    “Always remember: ‘There are no women on the Internet. On the Internet, all men are men, all women are men, and all kids are the FBI.'”

    I’m not so sure of that. What about all those girls on Myspace with teh purple and pink poniez? :-P


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