White Crow Music Fest (and other acoustic events this summer!!)

We went to the White Crow Music Fest today.  All I can say is “wow”.  The music was awesome.

Loads of folk, some blues, traditional country, bluegrass, contemporary singer/songwriter and Celtic.

I had loads of fun there.  I just hope they get more people to come out next year.  It’s a great place and they have great prices for their concerts.  Who can beat an average of $10 for a concert?  And it’s LIVE entertainment.  You don’t get that value out of a movie.


I told myself that I’d “plug” the White Crow in my blog and here I am doing it.  They have all acoustical music 5 nights a week.  Coming into the summer months, it will be open for 3 nights a week, with special stuff to be announced.

Quick Schedule:

5/9: Classic Country; Butch White and Bob Binder
5/10: Holy Crow (Americana Roots Trio)
5/11: Bruce Holmes (Singer/Songwriter from Chicago)
5/12: Bluegrass Night
5/15: Old Blind Dogs; Scottish Group
5/16: Bluegrass Jam (traditional bluegrass only)
5/18: Jen Sygit & Spare Change
5/19: Dan Hazlett
5/21: Mid Michigan Songwriter’s Guild
5/22: VINX (International tour; world percussion)
5/23: Classic Country; Butch White and Bob Binder
5/24: Scott Baker
5/26: Madcat & Kane
5/26: Cup ‘a Crow @ Frankenmuth; Medicine Crow
5/28: Motorcycle Ministries
5/29: River Junction Poets
5/31: The DooDads *Season Close Party!!*

I hope all the links not only work, but are correct!

I have the White Crow website saved over to the left.  It’s also saved on my delicious; if you go there and click on the “Music” tag you’ll find it.  The site has everything I’ve listed here, as well as the most up-to-date schedule.

[end shameless plug]  :-D


The dulcimer group is going to be starting up their summer concerts over at Haithco park on the last Wednesday of the month.  The concerts are June to August.

They play all sorts of dulcimer music.  It’s all acoustic with some singing.  It’s FREE, so come on out.  Oh, you need to take a chair.  There are no chairs out there, unless you count the picnic tables.


In other news, the Dulcimer Festival up in Midland is coming.  I’m going to go.  My link has a download-able flier so you can get all the details.  It’s $4 for each day; most of the music happens on Saturday.  You need to sign up for the classes and they usually cost more money.  It’s a GREAT deal; a whole DAY of music for 4 bucks!!  WOW!!  :)

It’s all acoustical though.  Be forewarned; there are no electric instruments (except for a bass every once in a while).  Oh, and you’ll want a chair.  The folding chairs get really hard after a while.