Beryl Pics

I have Beryl pics.  Here they are for your enjoyment.

I was able to get pics of the task switcher and the window layout thing.  Looks pretty cool.  And, yes, I’m using a Vista theme.  I can almost out-eye-candy a Windows fanboi.  Well… with my current hardware, I can.  If I was to install Vista on my current computer, it would choke and sputter and then die.  I can get a sweet degree of eye-candy with Ubuntu on older hardware.

Pics, ahoy!

Beryl 1

Beryl 2

Oh, all this stuff is up on my flickr account.  Everything, from the desktop to these screenshots.  To get just my wallpapers, click on the “Wallpapers” set over to the right.  That has the ones I’ve made, as well as the ones I’ve gotten off the net.  :-D


I must correct myself; this is Compiz, not Beryl. Oops. Oh well. Above (if you care to look) I have a Beryl post.

2 thoughts on “Beryl Pics”

  1. Your Beryl entry from a couple days ago was the one that finally pushed me over to upgrading to feisty and enabling it. It’s really spiffy! I keep saying that I’m not going to keep it on my desktop (it’s just eyecandy, I have work to do!). But the more I play with it an customize the appropriate sections to do what I want the more I am thinking I might stick to using it for a while.

    We’ll see, the real time transparency stuff is what really has me hooked.

  2. Glad it works for you.

    I’m just really impressed at the level of eye-candy I can achieve on my paltry Dell (a few years old). Beryl breathes some new life into the traditional Ubuntu desktop. Even my mom was impressed!

    It has a couple of issues. I’ve had it crash some stuff on me and it’s hung the OS before. It also slows my machine down a little bit, but not as much as a shiny Vista install would. I doubt I’d be able to get Aero working on my PC. Haven’t tried it, and I won’t try it.


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