Recommendations, stolen from WildIrishRose80

Please recommend to me…

1. A movie.
2. A book.
3. A musical artist, song or album.
4. A website.
5. An LJ user not on my friends list.

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4 thoughts on “Recommendations, stolen from WildIrishRose80”

  1. 1. Movie – Eddie Izzard’s Dressed to Kill: If you paid any attention at ALL during history class, this will have you laughing painfully by intermission.

    2. Any of the Harry Dresden books by Jim Butcher, simply because they’re REAL. Not real, as in real events, but believable. The hero is a totally believable normal guy. They’re funny, exciting, and easy to get into.

    3. Gary Jules – Mad World: This is a covery of a Tears for Fears song, I think. It was redone for the Donnie Darko release. It’s… It’ll get into your head. NOT to listen to if you’re in a bad mood.

    4. If you like video games or normal humor, this web comic is DEFINETLY for you. It’s well drawn, well-written, and the creator is a genuinely good guy.

    5. I’d love to suggest one, but most of them don’t post anymore.

  2. 1. A movie — ‘Metropolis’, directed by Fritz Lang (One of the earliest Scifi flicks; one of the best films ever made; a huge influence on modern Scifi writers and film makers [for instance, the inspiration behind C3PO])

    2. A book — ‘The Manifesto of the Communist Party’, by Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels (Mmm.. nothing like a bit of Marxism in the mornin’.. Seriously though, one of the best pieces of writing I’ve read and highly recommended – even if only read once in life, well worth it)

    3. A musical artist, song or album — ‘Axis: Bold As Love’, by The Jimi Hendrix Experience (One of my most favourite albums)

    4. A website — (Nice vintage e-cards – not only free, but (unlike most e-cards) they aren’t tacky and full of ads!!)

    5. An LJ user not on my friends list — I don’t know any other LJ users sorry, but I do recommend a fellow WordPress user > (Interesting and down to earth observations on life and the world; fellow Linux enthusiast)

  3. Movie: hmmm… Watch Fullmetal Alchemist then watch Conquerer of Shambala. Not the best I’ve seen but I suspect its different from what you expect.

    Book: I want to say something profound like The Art of War or some such, but really the best I can recommend right now is American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Good stuff.

    Music: Difficult to say. People who say they like everything are lying to themselves. I say this a lot and I don’t really mean it. So, for you, I’m going to suggest something entirely outside your musical comfort zone and see how you react: Devo.

    Website: Fark. I know you have seen it. Read it.
    LJ user: so its not LJ but its an awesome blog.

  4. Devo? Ok.

    I never made any claim to liking *everything*. I just said that I like *many* things. :)

    I do like Fark. I usually read slashdot but there’s no reason I can’t put Fark on my “list of things to read”.

    I’ll check out that link. :)


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