SAE World Congress 2007

Entrance to the SAE World Congress: Free
Bus shuttle to the SAE World Congress: Free
Lunch: $7.00
Getting a career job: Priceless

I couldn’t resist.


I went to the SAE World Congress yesterday. Man, was it busy.

Anyhoo, I went to the career fair they had over in the South East booths. I saw reps from GM, TRW, Gulfstream, Toyota, Stryker, Honda, some staffing agencies, Visteon, Southwest Research, Sterling, Harley-Davidson and a couple others. I put out all 16 of my resumes and a couple of my business cards.  Very productive.

I also got entered into a drawing for an iPod (through one of the staffing agencies) and a drawing for a trip to Hong Kong (through a supplier booth). I don’t know if I’ll get either, but it’s worth a try, right?

I managed to pick up a ton of literature about the different companies that were there, as well as some trade mags.

I picked up so much stuff I needed to get a bag of some type. Gulfstream had bags they were giving away, so I ended up getting one of those and putting all my stuff in it. I was big enough for all my stuff, including my purse. The only problem with it was it got really heavy by the end of the day. I missed the sweet ones that Toyota was giving away at their booth. Those were really nice and were gone by noon.

Job fairs are a good place to get company swag as well.  I managed not to get too overwhelmed by it. I picked up a Honda keychain (very nice), a sweet pen from Oshkosh, a Tangle toy from Gulfstream and a balsa airplane from National Instruments. Oh, and my bag from Gulfstream.


To clarify, I only had entrance to the exhibits and the career fair. I didn’t have entrance to the paper presentations or to the other presentations. I could go to the vendor presentations though, and that I did.


If you’re in Michigan next year and want to do something different (and you can get off work or school), I highly recommend going to this.  It is a giant networking opportunity for engineers of all disciplines. All that is required is some time, and you going to the website to pre-register (