MP3 players and earphones

As many of you know, I’ve purchased an MP3 player.  It was on sale, and the reviews I had read said that it would work with Linux.  I said, “woo-hoo!” and bought it.

It is a Creative Zen Nano Plus.  I’m not exactly sure what the “Plus” part of it is, but it does have 1 GB of space on it for music and other files.  It came with software (Windows only, but it does drag-n-drop), a pair of very uncomfortable earbuds, a silicone holder with belt clip and an armband thingy.

Creative Zen Plaer

The player is very nice, with easy-to-use features.  I like the scroll wheel to change the songs.  It’s not as polished as an iPod, but I’m not in the market for an iPod.  It does shuffle, repeat, repeat folder, single track, etc.  It also has an illuminated screen that allows you to see what song is playing (the iPod shuffle has no screen, and costs much more).

I looked into getting an MP3 player because the MiniDisc player I have doesn’t work with Linux.  Bah.  When I got the Sony MiniDisc player, I wasn’t running Linux full time.  Oh well.

Anyway, I really like this MP3 player.  The sound is great and it’s so easy to transfer music to it.  I love the drag-n-drop feature; it works just like my USB stick.  Another bonus is that you can transfer files and whatnot to it just like it’s a USB drive.


I had some issues with the earbuds.  They were totally uncomfortable and too big.  You see, I have rather small-ish ears.  Nothing fits in them.  I have issues with almost all earbuds.  I got some sweet Phillips ones that hook over my ears, but they are getting old and the cushioning has come off of them.  They’re becoming uncomfortable.

I’ve been looking for a replacement pair since I got the player.  I found some ones by JVC at Best Buy.  They have mooshy ear pieces that fit in my ears really, really well.  I have to roll them a little bit, but they expand to fit my ears like a really good pair of earplugs.


These earphones are great for people with really small ears.  They fit comfortably (for me anyway) and have really sweet sound.  Also, the blue matches my player (cool, huh?).  They were only about $24 at Best Buy (advertised at $20 online… this kind of peeved me).  Anyway, it’s a decent pair of earbuds at a decent price (ended up being about $25 with tax).

I didn’t want to get something really high-end (iPod or Sony or Bose), partly because I don’t need something that high-end and also because I don’t encode my music at higher than 128 kbps.  I figure, why?  It’s an MP3 player.  It’s just for listening to music when I walk and mess around on the computer.


I hope I didn’t sound like a shill for JVC and Creative.  It’s just that I’ve found something I’m happy with and I’d like to share it with everyone. 

6 thoughts on “MP3 players and earphones”

  1. I had a pair of Philips earphones for a little bit, they came with my mp3 player. The asymmetric cables drove me INSANE and I had to throw them down the stairs at work.

    I got a pair of Panasonic ones to replace them, they have the bit that hooks over the ears. Much easier to deal with.

    I may have to make a note of the mp3 player you got, because I’m having a little bit of difficulty getting mine to work with Gentoo.

  2. I don’t know the part number on the Phillips earbuds I have, but they have equal sized cables. I got them way back when I started at KU. Yeah, they’ve been kicking for quite a while. The cushion-y rings around the hard bit were coming off, and I snagged some foam covers for them. They’re still kind of uncomfortable to wear for an extended period of time.

    There is no installation with my MP3 player. The drag-n-drop works with Ubuntu and it works with Windows too. I can bypass the software completely, although I did install it under Windows. I wanted to see what it looked like and whatnot.


  3. I bet that’s nice. I’d love to be able to just use drag and drop, but it’s still not liking me.

    I’ve at least gotten it to recognize that SOMETHING is there, but it thinks it’s a camera.

  4. Eeep. Not cool.

    Is it just Gentoo?

    It’s kinda irritating that USB drag-n-drop hasn’t gotten to be standard across Linux distros. (Just my $0.02.)


  5. It should show up as a USB drive or something similar… really, it sees a data storage device and makes an assumption.

    What desktop environment are you running?

    I really only use gentoo on my server, so I really don’t know anything about how their GUI setup stuff is… I had it on my laptop but it ended badly when I couldn’t a few drivers working.

  6. KDE. It shows up in /dev as usb1.5 followed by a couple things (mtp is in there somewhere) that I can’t remember the exact sequence of at the moment. I tried mounting it, and that didn’t work, it tells me it isn’t a valid block device.

    I’ve installed Amarok, libmtp, gnomad, etc. It just won’t detect anything when I run mtp-detect…

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