Flock and Pidgin(?)

As many of you know, I’m a Flockstar.  Well, I was.

I still kind of am.  It’s my default browser under Windows (even though I never go online with Windows) and it was my default browser under Ubuntu.  Until the unthinkable happened.

Flock crashed.  And crash hard it did.  I had just downloaded the 0.7.10 release and installed it.  I was doing some stuff with it, and it quit on me.  I restarted it, and it did the same thing.  I gave up for a while.

And today, I downloaded 0.7.12.  I kept getting an incomplete archive (or anyway, that’s what I think I kept getting) because it didn’t want to totally extract.  I got an EOF (end of file) error and the archiver stopped what it was doing and I couldn’t get anything else to work.

Now, I’m going to try the “developer” version.  This one is  It’s been my experience that the “stable” version of some projects has been less “stable” than the betas (most notably Gaim, now Pidgin).  We’ll see.  I just hope the thing installs.  It’s totally my favorite browser.  And Fotofox doesn’t hold a candle to the Flickr uploader in Flock.  Sorry Fotofox devs.


I just got the news today from slashdot: Gaim is now Pidgin.  Not that I don’t support the name change or anything, but it’s kind of weird to change the name.  Ok, I did stick with Firefox all through it’s name changes, but Gaim is something that’s been around forever (it seems) and it makes sense to call it Gaim.  Everyone (unless they’ve lived under a rock) knows what AIM (or at least AOL) is, and it’s an easy way to get people to switch.  “But it’s just like AIM/AOL; it’s even called Gaim!”  It’s worked for me with about 3 different people (go me!).  They just accept it after I show them how to use it.

2 thoughts on “Flock and Pidgin(?)”

  1. Oh, I read it.

    That’s just my rant from my perspective about the name change.

    I think AOL/AIM is being stupid.


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