Ramblings on Google Reader and delicious

In the interest of saving my resources, I’ve been trying to reduce the number of plugins running in my browser.  I’ve gotten rid of WizzRSS in favor of Google Reader.

I was not happy with Google Reader a while ago… I couldn’t delete anything and the whole thing took forever to load anything.  I recently gave it a go again, and it seems to have all the polish of Gmail.  All of you know how much I love Gmail, so I won’t go into it right now…

Anyway, Google Reader is nice.  I will now have my feeds accessible from any computer with a net connection.  That’s helpful, since not all computers will have an RSS reader (much less WizzRSS) for me to use.


On to delicious.  I’m now addicted to delicious!  This was another thing I didn’t like very much when I first tried to use it, but It’s totally grown on me.  Again, like Google Reader, I like the idea that I can access my bookmarks from anywhere on the net.

I also like the idea that I can share stuff with other people on the web.  Actually, I’ve found some interesting websites from other people’s posts.  Most of the stuff I’ve found is related to computers and Linux, and I’ve even bookmarked some of it.

Do check out my network and my bookmarks.