Does anyone use ICQ?  I’ve been having some minor issues with it, and I am thinking about giving up that account.  I can never remember the blooming number and I really don’t have anyone I chat with on that protocol.  Everyone I know is on MSN, AIM, Yahoo, or G-talk.

What do you think?  Should I kill that account?  I’ve got the number posted at some places around the web, but there are other ways of reaching me.

3 thoughts on “ICQ”

  1. I haven’t used ICQ in ages. I have no idea what my number was. Heck, I doubt I even still have the email address I used to sign up.

  2. Heh.

    I was having a problem with weird people from Turkey IM-ing me on that service. I think I disabled random chat or something… Anyway, I haven’t gotten any strange chats for a while.

    I’ve decided to keep it around just in case somebody has that name and not any of my others.


  3. I haven’t used ICQ in a very long time. I never found the service to be very useful. It was VERY robust for its time, but it was a little over the top. It still is, IMO. There are many other interfaces that offer almost as much functionality, without the overhead, or complexity, that ICQ seems to want to mire itself in.

    I’d give it up.

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