Master Mason Dinner

Tonight was the Master Mason Degree work for the Blue Lodge #77.

Stars was serving dinner to the guys.  They had meatloaf (not my favorite), potatoes, green beans (again, not my favorite) and pudding for dessert.  I ended up eating the potatoes, green beans and pudding.

Anyway, it was really busy there.  I had gone over to the temple earlier that day and helped set up for the pagentry unit for Nile.  I ended up staying after the dinner so I could help my mom take care of the stuff for the pagentry unit.  I usually run the stairs so she or other people don’t have to.  I’m the youngest, so I should do the stuff that the older people can’t do.

We didn’t get home til about 10:30 or so.  I wanted to just collapse, but I couldn’t; I was too wound up.