Friend’s Night

We had Friend’s Night for Stars tonight.  The weather was awful, but we had a full(!) house.  I mean, all of the chairs on the sidelines were filled.  Not bad for a crappy night.

The skit went off well.  I played the Junior Warden and got to sit next to Kay and Sharon in the Lodge room.  I wore my suit (blech) and a silly little apron my mom made.  All in all, it was loads of fun.

After the skit, we went to the dining room for food and fellowship.  The group responsible for the food was brilliant; we had hotdogs with all the good stuff (mustard, ketchup, relish AND onions!  I have a soulmate in the kitchen), potato chips with dip (much better than plain), lemonade and chocolate cupcakes.  It all was wonderful.  I chatted up some of the people from the other chapters that came to visit.  They all were nice.  I had lots of questions regarding my membership.  Yes, I am a member… the youngest active one at that.  :)

Brother Ed was dressed as a beach bum.  That got lots of interesting reactions; I laughed out loud.  I told him that I loved his hat (it was a floppy affair with many colors on it).  He’s a great guy (also our Associate Patron).

Carrie (my “big sis”) was dressed in her beach wear; a swimsuit and a robe-like thing over it!  I would have been cold.

After the play I changed into my jeans and a punk t-shirt.  I told everyone that I was in the band.  :)

Jim took pictures of the whole affair.  I one of all of us dressed as Masons with our goofy aprons on.  It’s rather amusing.

2 thoughts on “Friend’s Night”

  1. “lemonade and chocolate cupcakes”

    Hmmmm… interesting combination, but sounds tasty ^.^

    I wonder, how is it that you get the lemonade into the cupcakes with the chocolate? Just mix in the powdered stuff before baking?


  2. Heh. Maybe I should revise and put a comma in between “lemonade” and “and”.

    Everything was good that night though.


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