Last Night’s CSI


All I can say is that last night’s CSI was *hot*.  Especially the end.  :)

The shaving scene was incredibly sexy and showed the trust between Sara and Gil.  The whole episode was about trust; the trust and mistrust between the kids involved in the case, trust between the team… and the trust Gil has in Sara when she’s holding a straight blade over his face to shave his beard off.

I wonder what the rest of the team is going to say?  I hope Gil and Sara come out soon to the team! 

Now, I just have to wait for the NCAA to finish their God-damned playoffs for March Madness.  Blech.  Why can’t they show it on ABC instead of CBS?

I need my GSR fix!!!

I’m so addicted… 

*slinks off to recover*

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  1. Love, I am posting this while you are in the “restroom”. I would love to meet you in person to replay our conversation. Please pretty please give me a date we may meet on. You know where to reply


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