Of books, crosswords, life and CSI

We had our bookcrossing meeting last night.  It was very interesting, with all of us talking about The Violent Bear it Away by Flannery O’Connor.  It wasn’t my favorite book, but it was quite an interesting discussion about what the author meant.

Personally, I didn’t like any of the characters.  Matter-of-fact, I wished death upon most of them.  The only ones I felt for was “school-teacher” and his son Bishop.

Anyway, I didn’t really finish it.  It was very hard to get through some of the language in it, as well as the religious rhetoric.

We decided on a new book: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.  I started this book way back in high school, but never really finished it.  This is my chance to read it and enjoy it.  I loved the movie, so I’m betting I’ll love the book.


Crosswords are my newest addiction.  I started with the ones from the paper, then bought a book, then bought another book, then (after the meeting) I ended up with two more books.  I have the ones edited by Will Shortz of NPR Sunday Morning Edition and the NYT.  He’s a good puzzle editor, and he’s a good puzzler all around.  I love listening to the puzzler on Sunday mornings.  :)


Life isn’t too bad.  I didn’t get the job I interviewed for at Grede.  Boo-hoo!  Oh well.  I’m sucking it up and moving on.

I sent an email to the guy telling him that I was interested in the mold design group, if he has an opening.  I’d really like to get into design in some way.  I hope they actually keep my resume on file and call me if something like that opens up.  I loved design work in college, and I would really like to apply that knowledge to a work situation.  I never got a chance to do that at Dow.

I’m seriously thinking about getting a master’s in Chemistry.  I’d probably go up to CMU (closer to home, not as big, and I have a better chance of getting in; compared to MIT, MTU or even UM or MSU).  I dunno.  Maybe I can get into Dow or another company that does chemical stuff.  I’d like maybe to go environmental science.  I don’t know.  The whole engineering thing just doesn’t seem to be working out.

When I’m in my bitchy, depressed mood, I keep going back to “getting a stupid nurse’s degree”.  I don’t want to work in healthcare.  But… it seems to be the only area of employment that is hiring.  That is the largest section in the “help wanted” section of the newspaper.  Engineering seems to be condensing and becoming more and more difficult to get into.  Maybe something different would help me get into something I like doing.


I’ve been following the little birds on my Gris-Sara email group.  They keep talking about a “shaving scene” that’s supposed to air tonight!  Yay!  Finally, some touching between Sara and Gil.  I’m betting it will be one of the highest watched episodes.  :)  I’m totally looking forward it it.  I’ve been waiting for them to do something to show that they are together, other than have “eye sex” (when they look at each other with knowing glances and smirk a little bit).  Not that I mind the “eye sex”…  GSR people need some touching.

It was close when Gris came back from sabbatical.  He chased Sara down in the hall… it looked like he could have grabbed her and kissed her right in the hall!  Heh.  She had been up to her armpits in decomp, so I’m betting she didn’t smell too nice.  Not that Gris would even care… You could tell that he missed her.


I’m rambling again.  Blah.  I gotta quit doing that.  Now, it’s off to look at some jobs and to see if I can find a crossword email list or something.

2 thoughts on “Of books, crosswords, life and CSI”

  1. To kill a mockingbird is pretty cool, it reads a lot like Truman Capote. Probably because Harper Lee wrote a large chunk of Capote’s stuff, or vice versa.

  2. I don’t know about that.

    I do like Capote’s stuff. He was a very good writer.

    So far, I like the book. I’m only in it about 10 pages though. Stupid crosswords!! :-P


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