Job Search Update (again)

I had my interview at Grede Foundries today.  It went very well, if “very well” means almost 2.5 hours in the interview.  :)

We talked about all the usual things.  I just answered the best I could.  That’s all I can do, right?

Anyway, afterward, my mom and I went to Frankenmuth.  It’s not too far away from Vassar, so we didn’t have far to go.  We ended up at the Z Cafe for lunch (good lunch… I recommend it to anyone who goes) and tried to find the purse shop.  We ended up walking almost to the brewery when we gave up.  It was cold!  Anyway, we think it might have moved to the River Walk Place.

So, it’s been a good day overall.  I hope I get the job.  *crosses fingers*

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