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I didn’t get the job or even another consideration for the Flowserve job.  *sadness* but not really.  It was something that was way out of my league and I don’t think I could do a good enough job in it to justify my pay.  It would have been really stressful and tough.  Not that I’m not tough, but it was a support role for Dow for all of their pumps and seals and stuff.  It seemed to be a “crisis management” type job.  It doesn’t seem to be my thing. 

In other news, I have another interview tomorrow.  It’s at Grede Foundries over in Vassar.  It’s a “Plant Engineer” position.  I’d be working on plant layout and stuff.  Doesn’t sound too bad.  I’d rather do materials research and part design, but if I can get this job and some experience, maybe I can work into the job I really want.

I hope I get this one.  I really want it.  I want to work in this job and get better at what I do.  I want to get some experience so I can get a better job and be able to support myself.  Isn’t that what everybody wants to do?

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6 thoughts on “Job Search Update”

  1. Sweetness. Thanks.

    I didn’t think KU did that because of all the pushing they do for co-op. I guess I’m wrong (not the first time).


  2. I’m good at math!

    That does make sense though. Thanks for the idea. I’ll do that tomorrow after I send my thank you emails for today…


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