IM issues: Round 2

Well.  I did it.  I cried “UNCLE”.

As everybody knows by now, Kopete was giving me a headache by not connecting to MSN.  Well, it giving me issues with Yahoo as well.  I was on, but not showing as on to some people.  Strange.

Well, anyway, the other day I got a script that would download, install and configure gaim for me (in Ubuntu).  Well, I say, go for it old chap.  And lo and behold, it worketh!  Only one minor problem: SSL support for MSN and G-talk.  I got the libraries I needed, then just re-ran the script with the needed command in there and *pop* Gaim works!  Yay!

I guess I’m dropping Kopete for now…  Even though I don’t want to.  I liked Kopete.  I liked the way it handled IMs and the sounds it made.  I guess I’m a sucker for sounds…

Anyway…  I’m slightly sad that Kopete has to sit on my computer and be useless for a while.  Maybe there’ll be an update that works its way into the repos in a few weeks.  Until then, Gaim, I salute you, for JustWork(TM)-ing for me.  :-D

Oh, and as we speak, I’m getting gaim for Windows, if I ever load that part of my computer again.

2 thoughts on “IM issues: Round 2”

  1. Glad to hear Gaim is working for you.

    I installed Gaim for Microsoft Windows from my Edgy Live CD. Beside Gaim the CD includes Firefox and some other titles from TheOpenCD.

  2. Thanks.

    I’ve installed Gaim and Firefox from the shipit CDs. I’m glad they put them on there.

    The OpenCD is awesome as well.


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