Don’t forget Meebo!


If you want to reply, tell me why you use what you use.

6 thoughts on “Don’t forget Meebo!”

  1. I use Yahoo, mostly by default … that’s the program my in-laws use (who got me & the missus started on it). I’m too old to know anyone really cool on IM, and haven’t had the time or the inclination to look at the multi-system clients.

  2. If you’re using Linux, I’d recommend Gaim or Kopete. Gaim is also available for Windows. Miranda is available for Windows only.

    I detest the “regular” programs to connect to the IM systems. Yahoo takes too long to download and install (and it just downloads an installer that has to spend another hour downloading… hence my irritation), AIM doesn’t have the flexibility I desire from an IM program, ICQ has lower functionality and MSN… let’s not get into that.

    If you want a good program for usability and functionality, I’d go with Gaim (I’m assuming you’re on Windows). The only thing it has a problem with is file transfers, so if you don’t use that, you won’t have any problems.


    PS: Pardon the FOSS evangelizing. I get onto my soapbox and don’t seem to know when to quit.

  3. I have been using meebo exclusively. Why? convenience. I don’t have to install it, it is already set up for all computers I need to use it on, and it doesn’t look half bad.

    I use between three and five different computers every day, some of which I do not have proper privileges to install new software on. So I just browse to good old meebo, and log in, and all my settings are right there.

  4. I did forget about Meebo.

    I’m sorry…

    I was trying to get an idea of what people were using as far as installed IM programs (and I realize that I might have just alienated some people who use Macs… I had no Mac-exclusive programs as a choice…).

    Meebo is a good idea, and I have mentioned it to many people who can’t install a program on the particular computer they are using. As I’ve said before, I wish it had been around when I was working long, hard nights in the computer lab doing Matlab/Simulink, I*Deas or word processing work. It would have come in very handy.


  5. I’ve never used GAIM before, though I’ve heard good things. I’m a Windows boy for several reasons, so I stick to things easily obtained for it. ;)

    Trillian’s not bad, if you want functionality to the major chat proggies, but the newer versions are WAY too complicated. I liked the old Trill. Having said that, it’s lacking in some of the options that I needed, so… I started using Yahoo and AIM, because I got what I wanted out of them.

    Then I found AIM Pro. Much better for professional use, IMO, and the remote desktop feature is really convinient for those folks who need tech support. Is less top-heavy than normal AIM, too.

    I only use skype for international phone calls to Poland. ;)

  6. I’m glad you like AIM pro. I’ve never tried it.

    Regarding Trillian: I used it (and paid for it) for a while. Then I started getting into Linux and I wanted some of my programs to be more FOSS orientated and consistent. That was when I got Gaim, and I’m using the most recent version (beta6) and it works very well with all the functionality that I want.

    Gaim is really slick now, with more features that allow for more functionality. Try if you’re interested in giving it a shot!


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