Tom Selleck watching!!

I’ve gotten back into watching Magnum.  I picked up the 4th season the other day, and I figured I should watch the 2nd and the 3rd before I tackle the 4th.

We watched the second side of disc 1 last night.  (The President was on every channel!)  I just did a “play all” and we watched the first 3.  Now, they split the last one on the disc into 2 parts on the TV, so we had a 2-hour long episode at the end.  We started the 2-hour episode before 10, and at 11:15 we were like “is this gonna be over?” (not that we didn’t like Tom Selleck, au contrair).  I stopped it and we are due to resume it later tonight.  (Maybe during CSI, as there isn’t a new one on, I think.)

Mmmmmmmm…  Tom Selleck is nice to look at.  :-D  I haven’t watched him in a while, so I’ve been away for much too long.  I almost forgot how nice he looks in those jeans.  *Ahem*