Kubuntu Updates

I have finally updated my Linux distro to Kubuntu Edgy Eft 6.10.  Did it all by myself too.  :)

I ordered the discs from On-Disk.com and paid for them (no bad burns, w00t) so they arrived very quickly to my door (ordered on a Tuesday, arrived on Saturday).

I installed Kubuntu, fiddled around, didn’t like it, installed Ubuntu, fiddled around, couldn’t get it to connect to the ‘net, so I installed Kubuntu again.  I had a problem with the dialer, so I went back to Windows for a couple days while I tried to straighten that out.  Well, actually, I got KPPP to dial to the internet, but it would only connect at 9600 B/s.  That’s insane slow, so I needed an different option.  Enter wvdial.  :)

I finally got wvdial configured and working.  Now, I have working internet.  The only thing I would like is a way to moniter it.  I’ve looked around and all the places I go to say to add a “Modem Lights” applet to the panel.  I don’t have that option in my “add applets” menu.

Kubuntu doesn’t come with Firefox as default browser, so I had to get something to use besides Konqueror.  Not that Konqueror is bad, but it’s slower than Firefox and it doesn’t render Gmail properly.  That may sound like a silly little beef, but since Gmail is my default mailbox, I need it working properly.  Also, I missed all my addons!

It also doesn’t come with Gimp or KOffice.  I need Gimp and I want KOffice.  Gimp I use to mess with pictures (crop, change colors, etc) and I just want to mess around with KOffice.  It looks like a nice program and I think it’s in the repos (which makes my life so much easier!).

The new KDE is slicker than the older one I had for Dapper.  It has some different options and a couple different themes.  All-in-all, I like it.  It’s very responsive and has a nice smooth feel to it.

I think I’m going to keep using Kubuntu.  The only really big beef I have is I can’t seem to figure out how to re-name my drives.  I had my drives named by file system (FAT and NTFS) so I could easily tell them apart.  Now, they’re named by hdc1 and hdd2.  (Yes, I know, that is a goofball way to name them, but my CD drive is set up as the first IDE slot…  I had a problem a couple months ago, and my brother fixed it by just changing the IDE slot the stuff was in.  Weird, huh?)

I’d like to get some different themes for KDE.  I’ve gone to KDE-looks.org and browsed around, but when I find something and download it, I have a hard time installing it.  Maybe I’m just dumb, but under Gnome it’s so easy to install themes.  That’s just minor though, and I’m happy with the theme I have right now (Crystal window decorations, Plastik widget style, Crystal SVG icons, and the Keramik Emerald color scheme).  It goes really well with my backgrounds I have (the first desktop has a Sara and Gil pic from CSI and the second desktop has a Lindsey and Danny pic from CSI:NY).  I have the “fingerprint” splash screen to log me in, so it looks like a CSI computer.