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Anyone use Google Reader?  It has gotten much, much better than the last time I tried it.

Anyway, the interface seems to be cleaned up, one can delete feeds (very important!) and one can also import/export, etc. 

Check it out!  I just uses your gmail email address to log in.  You can import your feeds that you already have in your fav reader (WizzRSS is mine!) and they will be available for your traveling pleasure.

The only reason I keep a Google Reader account is if I’m at the library or something and I want to check my feeds.  Or if I’m at a terminal that I can’t use my “normal” (firefox or flock) browser.

It’s actually a good idea.  I had a web-based RSS reader when I was at school so I could check my feeds when I was physically at the school (not at my computer). 

2 thoughts on “Google Reader”

  1. I use bloglines, but your probably the 5th person I’ve heard from lately who says Google Reader has gotten much better. Perhaps I’ll give it a whirl this weekend :)

  2. When I first tried it (I think I posted something in here about it a long time ago…) Google Reader was slow as crap and you couldn’t delete anything. No deleting tags, no deleting feeds, no deleting anything!

    My problem came in when I imported all of my WizzRSS feeds and I ended up with all of the “Public List” feeds in my Google Reader. That’s probably over 250 in itself, and I couldn’t delete anything.

    Combine that with a dial-up internet connection and a confusing/slow layout, you have a certain amount of frustration building.

    I do recommend it for somebody who ends up doing browsing at a library or a school or something. It’s a wonderful idea to be able to have one login for your email and RSS.


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