I’ve been having some issues with Ubuntu.  Well, one, really; my modem stopped working.

Now, I have been using the default dialer for Ubuntu (Gnome).  I tried to get KPPP working and that’s where I think I messed up.  (Damn me for wanting all my applications to be the same…)

I deleted KPPP and tried the default dialer.  No beans.  It dials, but doesn’t connect.

I had my brother take a look at it and he mucked around with it for a while.  He deleted my .conf files for KPPP.  I think I have to delete the .conf for the gnome dialer.


In other Ubuntu news, I ordered the newest Ubuntu disks.  I actually paid for them (only $4 apiece, no biggie) so they should be here by the end of the week.  I got one each of Ubuntu and Kubuntu (Edgy Eft).  I’m going to install Kubuntu and see where it goes.  If it doesn’t work, I’ll install Ubuntu and just not use KDE.

KDE is the bomb, even though it has been giving me some headaches recently.


Anyone else have a preferred desktop to use?  Who here loves Gnome?  Who loves KDE?  Who loves Blackbox/Fluxbox?  Who uses XFCE?  Any others?

3 thoughts on “Ubuntu”

  1. Big vote for XFCE here!

    But I tend to use Gnome apps (they work fine in XFCE) for things like connecting to wireless networks, since the actual XFCE apps generally aren’t as mature or just dont exist.

  2. I hit Post Comment too soon :) I used fluxbox for about a year too, it’s very nice on slower machines (our 40mhz sparc32 can even run fluxbox!), but it’s not as customizable as the xfce/kde/gnome alternatives.

  3. That’s ok. :)

    My brother’s used fluxbox and XFCE on his laptop (he’s always changing…). Right now, he’s using Gnome.

    I’ve seen all (Gnome, KDE, fluxbox and XFCE) “in action” and I must say that I like them all. I’d go with KDE though for slickest interface.


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